DOF Consulting helps organizations to grow and innovate by combining the value of people with the needs of strategic development. We are a consultancy and training company, but also a group of research and creative experimentation specialized in learning methodologies and social and organizational development.
DOF is active since 1997 both nationally and internationally. Its main mission is the facilitation in different areas and contexts and its priority
is enhancing the quality of the human relationships. DOF designs tailormade projects that respect the identity of each system and help organizations to:

• Elicit and give answers to the deeper needs of an organization
• Implement peoplecentered models of relationship
• Link productivity with wellness
• Use advanced models of organizational development and talent management
• Experience an integrated approach to consulting and trainings in order to facilitate process and product innovation

DOF has developed and uses innovative tools for creating, facilitating and supporting groups: The Village (a social game to work on social
skills), Circoli di ascolto organizzativo (a methodology aimed to promote organizational listening), DMAV experimental trainings, Sports Counseling and Emotional Media©.

In every area of intervention, we offer basic (Essentials) and advanced (Specials) learning and development paths that we created during years of
experience on the field with teams and individuals.

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